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By BoothEatsBUGS
Posts:  438
Joined:  Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:41 am
Recently started growing moss to use as dressing for my Nepenthes pots/I love they way it looks on it's own lol.

I ordered a gallon size bag full from ebay for 12 bucks, not a bad first deal. I also took some moss samples out of a few pots that I had recieved from orders online. Not sure what kind of moss this is but it looks cool.

Here's the pics

The swamp, 3 different cultures, each its own experiment So far the moss that is sitting directly in the flowing water portion of the bog is by far growing the best/fastest. I wanted to try a few different methods here since this is my first attempt at growing moss, to give myself an idea of how I want to go about propagation. I also plan on trying a closed container culture sometime in the near future.

Floating sphagnum culture.

Top dressing culture. Humidity isnt high enough in the nepenthes area but i supplement that with an extra watering cycle per day until i get my terrarium put together. Still growing though!

The mini swamp, pretty sure this isnt sphagnum but I think it's cool.

So my goal here is to do two things with the moss

1. Top dress nepenthes pots
2. Mimic bog conditions in the mini bog garden through the use of mosses and sitting water.

I have my bog garden of sorts set up like a hydroponics flood and drain system but some water is always left behind, it gives it a swampy sort of feature, i love it.

Here's a video of my watering setups

I'll update on progress when it gets greener!

Thanks for looking
By pieguy452
Posts:  2460
Joined:  Sun May 22, 2011 11:09 pm
Awesome setup and good luck with the sphagnum, Booth!
By pieguy452
Posts:  2460
Joined:  Sun May 22, 2011 11:09 pm
Wow! I didn't see the video before, that's absolutely amazing! How long did it take to assemble the entire thing?
By BoothEatsBUGS
Posts:  438
Joined:  Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:41 am
Not really that long at all honestly, I got the idea from a post on Terra forums, and actually I have updated that set up, I have a video that I will post in a bit under it's own topic. Plus the PVC and pump only cost a total of about 20 bucks. The most expensive part was the timer.
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