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By cp_geek
I want to grow an h. minor in a tank I have a highland/intermediate nepenthes ventricosa 'red' receiving bright light because i have 2 fluorescent 'naturals' from home depot or lowes. it also gets light from the west facing window more because the southwest facing window has shut blinds. i would say it gets no more than 3 hrs. of direct light from either window i would say filtered. is it a good place to grow an h. minor in the tank with the nep after I put some mylar to add more light spread over the plant? thanks.
By cp_geek
I grow the ventricosa in a home that gets air conditioning and heater. I think that if I kept the thermostat at around 68 degrees more or less, it would be ideal enough to grow the h. minor. I depend on the temperature variations where I live. Sometimes during Fall and Spring the windows are cracked and the thermostat turned off. It doesnt get any colder that 50-55 in the house and no higher than 80-85 year round.

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