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By CPgrower
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Hey, everyone! Reporting in with a few topics today. Here is the first on making a toad pond!

As I will report in a bit, I went to a plant show near D.C. this past Friday. The ONLY reason I went is because the Carnivorous Plant Nursery (Maryland) had a booth!!!! It is certainly rare that you get to see these plants for yourself from the vendor and have the pleasure of picking out the stock yourself!!

One of the curiosities was a jar with tadpoles. Wondering why he (the owner, Mike. I got to meet him, and he helped me pick out some plants) would be selling tadpoles, I took a closer look. Bladderworts! He had jars of Green frogs and American toads with U. vulgaris. I only have U. gibba, so I snatched up a jar of toad tadpoles (Bufo americanus)! In order to make them happy and keep them around, I decided to make a mini pond today!

Here are the picks. Enjoy!

Tadpole chillin' with some bladderworts!
Both the carnivorous (above) and vegetative (stringy stuff below) states of the plants.
Cleaned out the pollen
Island for the frogs to bury in for hibernation. I hope it's deep enough!
Almost done
Look at those bladders!
Little terra cotta pot hut added
Can you find the same 'pole in this picture. :)

This is supposed to be a connection piece for a big pond, so it has a side that drains if it gets filled enough. I put a pot tray under so that it can overflow and water my plant (passion flower plant) at the same time. LOL. :)

Let me know what you all think! I really hope at least some of the toads stick around.
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That's really neat! I like it.

Some Sarracenia would look great on that island too.

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