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By Vern
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I've found many topics discussing how to propagate sphagnum moss from cuttings and how to care for them. I've also seen many warnings about the fungal spores that are found in dried sphagnum moss.

Though I haven't found a discussion about Sphagnum moss spores and Google has many articles about how they explode beautifully in a vortex from their red capsules.

But I want to know if Sphagnum moss spores could cause any health issues if they were released in my small terrarium. Or if I were start growing sphagnum in a container.

And if Sporothrix schenckii is still a danger in live sphagnum moss and not just in dry moss.
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By Matt
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Vern wrote:I've also seen many warnings about the fungal spores that are found in dried sphagnum moss.
The danger with sphagnum is that it can harbor the chronic fungal disease Sporotrichosis:

It's naturally found in all types of soil and I don't believe it's any more common in sphagnum than it is in other types of dirt. There is a discussion somewhere else on the board about this and, from what I recall, there really isn't a need for alarm when handling sphagnum.
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