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By roarke
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I have a ant infest, how do i store them,and a dilema...
In my balcony i have a small ant infestation (they are black, the usual european ones). I will eradicate them, but i want to store many of them. May i drown them and keep them in a plastic bootle, closed ? For later use for my nephentes of course and for drosera, btw. As you can see in my clip, they are walking on some parts that have rust from my iron parts of my widows balcony. So they have particles of rust on their tarsus (legs). If i drop them in my nephentes, won't be rust bad for my plant ?
I don't know why my video dosen't show here.
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Iron oxides and oxide-hydroxides are widespread in nature, play an important role in many geological and biological processes
If annyone knows, please tell me.
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By David F
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Storing ants would probably be done by just letting them do their thing, get a container with some dirt in it and let them crawl around, put fish food or bread in there, and a small wet towel inside a soda bottle lid, (or other lid) with sugar water.
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