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By ok7770
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This question is primarily regarding my Drosera x Marston Dragon, but I've noticed this behavior with my other two sundews as well. The new leaves have been growing out beautifully, very healthy and dewy. But within a month, the tentacles tend to curl up and the leaf produces significantly less mucilage. The leaf itself sticks around for about 2-3 months before really drying up and dying down. It really depends on the plant's mood I suppose... some leaves seem to last longer than others.

I have my sundews growing on a plant stand outside on my deck. Each has its own little saucer for watering. The Marston Dragon is on a part of the stand which gets direct sunlight from the morning until the late afternoon (would you consider that "full sun"?). It catches a decent amount of flies/gnats and grows prolifically. I live in Southern California - generally high temperatures during the day and a nice cooldown at night.

So is this normal behavior or should the leaves be lasting much longer than they have been?

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