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Anyone grow N. Dyeriana?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:10 am
by iamjacksplants
Hey everyone, just looking for some cultivation tips on Nepenthes dyeriana or N. x dicksoniana (N. veitchii x N. rafflesiana) x N. x mixta (N. maxima x N. northiana) from anyone who is currently growing it. Apparently I just bought one! Haha! I didn't expect to the win bid war being that the only consistent information I have been able to find so far is that it is arguably the largest of the Victorian era hybrids and is currently exceedingly rare in cultivation due to it's difficulty to root from cuttings. Allegedly only one known clone, and it is male. Anyhow, I went ahead and placed the opening bid and somehow no one else bid on it. The reserve was not met but the grower offered it at the opening bid price so I have accepted. Now about the only real solid info I can find on it is from "Nepenthes around the house" dot com. He says he grows it in his bedroom with no special treatment, but I swear that guy could grow unicorns if he wanted to! So I thought I would ask here.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Anyone grow N. Dyeriana?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:45 am
by Bluemoon
I don't grow it, but I've heard you can grow it on a windowsill or in lowland conditions. I'm guessing the northiana and rafflesiana heritage explains the lowland part.

Re: Anyone grow N. Dyeriana?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:14 pm
by iamjacksplants
Hey guys, here it is. Got here yesterday. It looks a little scraggly compared to the pictures on eBay. It appears to be too old to be shipping damage. If I had to guess I would say it was being kept a little too wet with poor air flow (I had to clean off a little mold in the nooks and crannies), a little colder than it wants (the newest growth is substantially smaller than previous growth but it could just be due to the plant being in the vining stage?) and maybe a little more light than the plant needed in the colder wetter conditions as it has some older leaves that are more yellow green than green and lots of red splotches, leaf drying and cracking etc.

All in all still an enormous, impressive plant. Large robust pitchers despite the scraggly appearance of the leaves. The pitchers remind me of the upper pitchers of N. miranda. This seems to be a pretty obscure hybrid and I still haven't found any new information since the original post. So if it does well for me, perhaps I'll put together a care sheet.

here's some pictures.

ndyeriana01e.jpg (2.93 MiB) Viewed 450 times

ndyeriana02e.jpg (1.69 MiB) Viewed 450 times

ndyeriana03e.jpg (2.53 MiB) Viewed 450 times

ndyeriana04e.jpg (2.22 MiB) Viewed 450 times

This one was already trying to wrap around something when I unpacked it so I thought I would wrap it around this and hopefully it will continue to do its thing.
ndyeriana05e.jpg (2.24 MiB) Viewed 450 times

All the pitchers were too large and heavy for the leaves to support on their own, and two of them had creases from being pulled down by the weight. I wanted to fill them up with some water to give the plant a head start on getting rehydrated so I decided to use some clips and help hold them up. Now they are half full of water and the clips are holding well.

Thanks for looking,