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Pitcher Plants
Discuss Sarracenia, Heliamphora, Darlingtonia, Cephalotus plant care here
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Re: Which var flava is this
by nimbulan
Tropical Pitcher Plants
Discuss Nepenthes plant care here
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Re: Good soil media for Nepen…
by Nepenthes0260
Sundews, Rainbow Plants, and Dewy Pines
Discuss Drosera, Byblis, and Drosophyllum plant care here
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Re: Byblis aquatica "maroon" …
by yardleyq1987
Discuss Pinguicula care here
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Re: is it worth it to try for…
by Apollyon
All other Carnivorous Plants/General CP Discussions
Discuss any carnivorous plant that doesn't fit in the above categories here or general chat about carnivorous plants
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Re: Still spring water tds 36
by Yster3+
CP identification Forum
Got a carnivorous plant and you don't know what it is? Ask here!
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Re: Received order with this …
by Savethetrees4life
Care guides and tutorials
Post any care guides or tutorials here.
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Re: A Christmas present for m…
by Matt
( *nevermind

...Still nothing and it's been 3 days now. As sai[…]

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Carnie's Grow List and Wish List

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My Propagation

Any pictures? :) On the weekend, kinda dark n[…]

Picture Upload not Working

Check the size on it.

Those leaflets are known as divisions, which is wh[…]

B52 Vft Trap Question

G17 Megatraps is a contender.

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