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Venus Fly Trap Care Questions
Ask questions about how to grow and care for Venus Flytraps
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Trap teeth/cilia looking stra…
by Ani
Venus Fly Trap General Discussions
Discussions about anything related to Venus Flytraps, cultivars and named clones
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Re: Dear squirrels
by Blackfeather666
Water Quality, Growing Media and Planting Containers
Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers
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Re: How do I get rid of these?
by TrapsAndDews
Photos of Venus Fly traps
Share photos of your Venus Fly Traps here.
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Gorgeous plant and awesome list MikeB!

2” potted Flytraps for sale!

These are just regular venus flytraps? No particu[…]

Flytrap flower stalk cuttings

Last year it was fairly low at around 25% but I ma[…]

Holy sheet!! :shock: :D That VFT is very cool […]

Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could look at […]

Here is a picture of my Tokaiensis

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