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Questions, answers and comments about various growing environments and propagation and fertilization techniques for Venus Flytraps and other carnivorous plants
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Tissue Culture
Discuss all micropropagation related topics here.
1172 Topics 
10403 Posts
Re: Culture Hardening/Acclima…
by Kumie Trap
Seeds, seedlings, divisions and leaf pullings
Discussions on how to propagate your plants sexually and asexually, by seed, natural division or leaf pulling
1162 Topics 
8524 Posts
Re: Sarr seeds not germinating
by carnivorous_noob
Artificial Lighting
Discussions about fluorescent, LED and other types of grow lighting for Venus Flytraps and other plants
537 Topics 
3963 Posts
Re: Lighting specifically for…
by Intheswamp
Hydroponic and Aeroponic Growing
Discussions about growing with minimal or no organic growing medium.
20 Topics 
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Re: Aerogarden idea
by Garden_Nymph
Terrariums, Mini Bogs, and Greenhouses
Ask questions about terrariums, mini bogs, greenhouses and other growing environments
705 Topics 
6223 Posts
Re: Potential Indoor Setup
by alecStewart1
Tools, Equipment and Supplies
200 Topics 
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Re: TDS meter or test strips
by Intheswamp
Fertilization and Feeding
Discuss fertilization techniques here. For advanced growers only!
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Re: Freeze-dried blood worms …
by Barlapipas 6

I would like to request D. filiformis OP, D. capen[…]

Check your inbox, it's there.

Thanks DragsonsEye. How big do you let them get[…]

Order received. Your order number is 1348. I'll […] works for fish t[…]

My best VFT

I have had 3 VFT’s for a few months now. One[…]

Nepenthes ID

I think it's rebecca soper. Anything interesting a[…]

Thanks for the feedback. I'll just chill and see […]

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