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By Jarnei
hi all, I'm new to the forum, but have done a ton of research on VFT as these are by far my favourite plants to keep.
I have just recently purchased 3 VFT pots and some sarracenia from a plant store here in Malta.
I also have purchased seeds from Canada of which I have just recently sown.
I am keeping them indoors on some shelving up against a large glass door in my apartment. I am still acclimatising them to their new surroundings and to the sunlight through the glass, which I suppose almost acts like a greenhouse.
I have also place a tiny fan on them for some air flow.
for now, I am keeping them in their original, very small pots. I plan on increasing the pot size after dormancy next year.
as for the sunlight, I've chosen the best spot for the most sunlight, west facing, but they only receive around 5hrs a day, from 3pm onwards until sundown.
so I have decided that I will introduce a grow light with a timer toor a few hour increase photosynthesis.
what I have is a "300W COB LED full spectrum" panel with 15000LM ...this is the only spec info I have on the grow light,
I'm keeping it around 80cm above the plants and will slowly reduce the distance.
may I ask any experts here some questions ? ...

1. is this type of grow light sufficient for the VFT ?
2. can I leave the grow light on for few hours, up until the sunlight is on the plants ?
3. and how long should I add to the 5hrs of sunlight for optimum growth, with the grow light ?

any constructive criticism welcome.. thanks in advance
grow light.jpg
grow light.jpg (99.39 KiB) Viewed 160 times
VFT 1.jpg
VFT 1.jpg (42.83 KiB) Viewed 160 times
VFT.jpg (230.1 KiB) Viewed 160 times
By chomato
Hey welcome, I'm also fairly new, but people here are pretty helpful! I'm not too experienced, but what I do know that with regards to light, VFTs and sarracenia prefer to be outside in full sun. I see that you have a balcony/patio, so why not move them there? That way you'd be saving money, and your plants could really thrive. Both VFTs and sarracenia, as far as I know, don't really care about humidity, so they both can do well even if it's hot outside if that's your concern.

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