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By Carl
Thought I would ask what VFT/CP books you have read and which are you best :?:

My books are The Savage Garden, Venus’s Flytrap & Insectivorous Plant.

I like the Savage garden because it has a good selection of plants and good information on the up keep of the plants.

Venus’s Flytrap but Tim Bailey is great as it’s all about the VFT and the history of the plant (Love it)

Have not got around to reading Insectivorous Plants yet will let you know when I do

Let me know your favourites and why.
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By Matt
Good topic of discussion Carl. The books I have currently are:
The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato
Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada by Ian Schnell
Growing Carnivorous Plants by Barry Rice
Insect Eating Plants & How to grow them by Adrian Slack
Carnivorous Plants by Adrian Slack

I really enjoyed Barry's book. He has awesome photos, a good amount of information on every genus and he is an excellent writer.

I have been eyeing that book from Tim Bailey. Is it worth purchasing?
By lemonlily
I never read a book about Venus Fly Traps and carivorous plants because we have a great community. :D Why buy a book if you can get it from a library? Unless it is so bit you can barely carry it.
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By Matt
I just like having them on my shelf to look at or reference when I feel so inclined.
By lemonlily
you will never be. Whats inclined?
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By Carl
I have been eyeing that book from Tim Bailey. Is it worth purchasing?

If you like vft’s (and I think you do) then yes it’s a good book not the most colourful but loads of information. It is a little hard going for the younger minds as it goes into great depth about how the plant functions, not just the trap but the complete plant. I’ve just started the chapter on the history which at the moment is very interesting will give you my final verdict once I’ve finished it.

Also forgot I've got Insect Eating Plants & How to grow them by Adrian Slack :oops:
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