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By carniplanter
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Joined:  Thu Aug 28, 2014 12:43 pm
Hello, i have a question on how to keep my venus flytraps dormant.I live in Northwestern Balkans area.My apartment is west facing.My apartment is heated in winter and there is no cold place in apartment or darky garage.Can i put my Venus flytrap in some kind of cooled box with light or something. I dont want to put it in the fridge. My venus flytrap is super healthy, gets meals often, always has new growth. I bought it at a gardening fair three months ago.It was a sick, small plant, but its thriving now.It has two rosettes. I dont have artificial lights for growing plants.I don't feed it, i just keep windows open and then bugs get in and plant eats them.I water it with distilled water, keep it on west facing window, he is in a plastic pot with 75% peat and 25% perlite soil mix.
He gets 5 hours of indirect sunlight and 6 hours of direct sunlight. He is my only carnivorous plant. So how to keep that little guy dormant ? :?:

I cant put it outside or on balcony.
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By cyph3r_gfy
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Your plant will go dormant on it's own. Just keep everything the way it is. The cooler temperature by the window should be fine. That is how I keep mine during winter. Daytime ambient temperatures at 24 C, with a night time drop to about 16 C. It's cooler by the glass... and if you're concerned about temperatures at night, you could always turn the heat down. I love to sleep in the cold under piles of covers.
By mnwatson1
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Vfts tend to go dormant due to photoperiod more than temp. Last winter I just kept mine near the window (the pot is WAY too big for the windowsill) and they all went/stayed dormant just fine! :)

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By carniplanter
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Joined:  Thu Aug 28, 2014 12:43 pm
My windows are all next to radiators. My windowsill is the warmest possible place in apartment. I dont have a place any other than putting it on a radiator which heats. It is in room which has lights on at night and sun at day.
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