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By JoshDoe
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My N. Ventra has grown too large for the terrarium I've been keeping it in. While preparing to move it I saw a seed pod stalk growing into the lights in such a way I couldn't see before. The pitchers have grown huge and started dying. I know this means I can divide my plant into 2 plants now.

I want to know how to divide? Cut in half? How and can I do leaf pullings? Most importantly when do I know the seeds are mature? Obviously this means our seed bank will be getting a large donation soon! But I want to do this right.
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By ChefDean
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Do you mean N. ventrata? If so, the seeds are not viable, ventrata only produces sterile seeds. That doesn't mean you can't try, but we got a bunch donated last year and nobody had any success. But we tried. But nothing. Some of us even sang to the seeds to see if that might help. Zip.
As to dividing the plant, you cut the vine, making sure there are three or more leaves per section, and put the bottom cut piece into moss. Leaf cuttings don't work. I have also heard that you at least cut any tendrils and pitchers off of those leaves on each section, maybe even cut half the leaf off. Perhaps someone else will confirm that or send me to my room for giving bad advice.
After planting the cutting, bag it to retain moisture, keep the moss moist, and wait. I got a rooted cutting from Shadowtski, and he said it took a few months to start to show anything. Then he sent it to me, and it took another few months to recover from shipping. But it will be ready to go outside next spring.

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