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By Jenalisa
Posts:  5
Joined:  Wed Aug 25, 2021 8:12 pm
I was hoping I could get some advice about my Utricularia Blanchetii, I had him for a couple of months and he was looking great until I noticed an aphid infestation. My cape sundew also had to sprayed down. I sprayed some Bayer 3 on both the Utricularia has really died back a lot. Do terrestrial bladderworts tend to send new shoots and flowers up after they’ve been stressed with aphids and sprayed with insecticide? I also beheaded the cape sundew, due to aphids, I know they can potentially regrow from the cut off point. The bladderwort is on the left side currently in the blue pot. And the beheaded cape sundew in towards the right. There’s still some green so I’m hopeful. Here’s the progression of the decline. Please help!
EA9830F3-B3B4-49D9-A1A4-A72EB9689419.jpeg (3.55 MiB) Viewed 2534 times
3EFED893-F932-47D3-8C4B-6AA90E6C6510.jpeg (3.41 MiB) Viewed 2534 times
8C4C0E64-8AFC-49FC-ADBB-42A58089BCF6.jpeg (2.84 MiB) Viewed 2534 times
C0C6384A-3D33-477C-87A0-00605860C235.jpeg (2.63 MiB) Viewed 2534 times
C485AF4E-5F23-486C-8533-15785B91AC7B.jpeg (2.62 MiB) Viewed 2534 times
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By optique
Posts:  1113
Joined:  Fri May 24, 2019 11:15 pm
I don't know so this is a question, can you submerse that type of Utricularia? I know a lot of Utricularia is aquatic.
By Jenalisa
Posts:  5
Joined:  Wed Aug 25, 2021 8:12 pm
This one is a terrestrial kind and not aquatic, but I did get curious a couple of days ago and separated a clump off of the main plant and stuck it in a glass of distilled water to see what would happen. I’ll post with any updates.
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By CPhunter101
Posts:  570
Joined:  Thu Feb 11, 2021 9:30 pm
Your capensis will definitely survive, but I'm not sure about the utrics though.
Also, if your nepenthes are in peat moss, they should be repotted in long fibered sphagnum moss.
By twitcher
Posts:  653
Joined:  Sat Aug 25, 2018 5:56 am
Blanchettii tolerate a lot of water well. I would submerge the whole plant under water by more than an inch, wait an hour, then pour off the aphids and water. then repeat daily for a few days. You may need to weigh down the plant so that it is completely submerged, cutting off any flowers that may be there. Aphids likely will not drown, but will be unhappy enough to start moving around and many will float to the surface. After draining, use a tooth pic dipped in alcohol to blast any aphids you see on the plant or media, especially any larger ones that my be reproducing size. Be sure to wipe the container with a plain Kleenex or paper towel and dispose. Persistence is the key. You won't fix the problem in a day or two, but you can be victorious over time (assuming a healthy colony). Be sure to take precautions to isolate the plant while infected and while being treated. If your plant was kept in a tray with other cp's, be sure to isolate, then drain and wash the tray before reuse. Aphids can float from one plant to another. Some can also fly.
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