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Drosera Binata Giant recovery Help

Where in India? India is massive... If you're in a[…]

How many plants in a container bog?

Plus, in 3-5 years' time, you're gonna wanna repot[…]

The best Long Fibered Sphagnum Moss

Any sphag is good if you bake it - I even reuse it[…]

Pygmy sundew giveaway

I think she did bring florentine a carnivorous pla[…]

Freshly adopted/rescued friends!

Welcome! I don't acclimate VFT's as well, and I l[…]


Yes. I keep very finicky ones (like parva and Unci[…]

Do I change out old fluid in pitchers?

Worse, if you fill them, sometimes they can flop o[…]

Help! Fungus on VFT seeds!!

Ok, thanks so much! I really appreciate all this, […]

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