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Sunflower as a house plant?

I understand the shorter growing season. But, w[…]

Wow, what a super close contest. We have a 3 way t[…]


Well, I think my intuitions were correct :D image[…]

Ceph care?

Saw a few cephs in my local plantstore, thought th[…]

Nepenthes pictures!

N. adnata Adna_261122.jpg N. longifolia Longi_[…]

Looking for Dm. bimbo 👀

Frozen but still kicking lol Flytraps could be so[…]

Tiny, creamy-white colored oval bugs

Maybe thrips? Or some kind of mite?

Thanksgiving trivia giveaway

Thank you! I def will. I bet you had a blast thoug[…]

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