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By ChefDean
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Joined:  Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:44 am
I just wanted to express how satisfied I am with a trade I did with slicric78.
I approached him via PM about possibly buying one of his divisions from his DC-XL false vivipary experience ( post372706.html#p372706 ), and he proposed a trade. He'd send a division for a Sarr.
I agreed, but I wanted to wait to make sure my little Sarrs would wake up before I sent, I didn't want to send a dud. He said no problem, but still sent the DC-XL along with a big G-16 way before the Sarrs woke up. Both arrived very well packed and very healthy, and are both putting out new leaves.
Thank you slicric78, I think they're going to like Tennessee.
By EricF
Posts:  32
Joined:  Wed Jul 22, 2020 7:53 pm
I too, have had a very good trade experience with slicric78. I’ll skip the details, but will say he exceeds expectations and I highly recommend transactions with him.
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