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Transaction with JaneCP

Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2021 8:35 pm
by Lain
This was just for giveaway seeds but she is so awesome! Post office gave me a heads up the seeds she sent were to arrive that day when they didn't arrive I waited a couple days then just let her know thanks for the seeds but seems the post office may have lost them.

She kept in touch with me for a couple days hoping they would show up but they didn't by the weekend she was asking for my address so she could send another pack. I let her know I would hate to dig into her own seed lot she saved for herself and didn't send my address. Instead she looked back and sent me seeds saying hers has already sprouted and she doesn't need it wants me to also join in on the fun. So thank you JaneCP for being so generous even when it's the post office at fault!