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By sans
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Joined:  Mon Jan 16, 2023 10:39 pm
Well if you wait for your account to be old enough, you can get VFT seeds at the seed bank for FREE
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By ChefDean
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Omar Sabry wrote: Tue Mar 21, 2023 5:28 pm I'm Egyptian. I want 100 Venus flytrap seeds.
How do you guys deal with the customs here?
Lots of info requested in so few words, let's take small bites.
First, this is a community seed bank where you can request seeds you're eligible for. Here is where you can read the procedures on eligibility and how to request. To summarize: For international, you send me postage via PayPal Friends and Family, I mail your seeds off, you get them after their 6,300 mile journey.
The seeds you're asking about are available in the seed bank, but you're not eligible to request them yet. At your one month benchmark, you can request VFT seeds. However, a single portion is much less than 100 seeds.
Having said that, where you'd be an international request, you can request three packs (which would be about 100 seeds), plus an available bonus as well if desired.
For customs worries, there are none that I'm aware of. I've sent seeds to six continents with only two that never made it. Since those two countries were experiencing military exercises (war), one was lost and the other returned to me. Also, these are seeds, not plants, and in such small amounts that most countries customs don't even worry about them.
If you want to buy seeds, follow the link provided in the post above this one.
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