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By hollyhock
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Well here I go again trying something a little bit different 🙃 And again it's new so I will roll it out and reserve the right to make changes along the way. Here's how my idea will go. I will ask a riddle. If you are the first to answer it correctly, no edits, you will receive a random generated playing card. I will post the picture of your card in a different post. Do you know how to play poker? It's the best hand out of 5 cards. So each person playing will have to answer 5 riddles correctly. After you have answered 5 you will have your complete hand. At the end of the game the person with the best poker hand will win a FABULOUS prize :D
Anyone want to give it a try? I don't have an exact end date because it's based on participation and until each person gets 5 riddles to form their 5 card hand.
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By Sundews69
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