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By Camden
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Joined:  Mon May 23, 2022 9:25 pm
So, first off: very happy to say that my Gantungensis made it! Growth has started back up. Word to the wise: if a Nepenthes stops growing then it starts browning stem up, bag it; it might just perk up. So, back to the thread. My Gantungensis, has 2 growth points. Initially, I thought it was basal shoot. When I go to repot it, the stems just keep on going and going and going, and it turns out they’re 2 separate plants, both having 5-6 in. Long stems before you reach the root balls (remember these are like 1-2in. Plants). What should I do? I potted them up but it surely must be taking a lot of energy to get water all the way up to the main plant right? Should I cut them and try to root them? What should I do?
Little guy might trade off in the future.
Little guy might trade off in the future.
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Bigger one
Bigger one
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By Sundews69
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Nice! If you haven't already, I would let them grow just a bit more before cutting them.
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By Bluefire
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I wouldn't cut them just in case they don't root. You can't guarantee that they will. Wild Nepenthes do vine, so I wouldn't think having a long stem would be too detrimental to their health.
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