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By Savethetrees4life
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The plant you’ll receive is the one pictured.
It will be shipped BARE ROOT with Sphagnum Moss plug for survivability.
$20 INCLUDES shipping per USPS expectations.
Plz feel free to PM me with any questions.
Payment via PayPal.
FTS Flaming Lips
FTS Flaming Lips
384FD531-29BC-42E7-917C-DA8D5CFB1900.jpeg (2.7 MiB) Viewed 401 times
FTS Flaming Lips
FTS Flaming Lips
6D3D92BA-6213-40E0-AD6D-6001E347A3A5.jpeg (2.51 MiB) Viewed 401 times
FTS Flaming Lips
FTS Flaming Lips
07EFB857-89F7-4742-A0CF-989D321C1D11.jpeg (3.47 MiB) Viewed 401 times
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