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What type of seed giveaway should I do?

One massive giveaway where I pick one winner and I cover postage.
Multiple giveaways for individual packs of seeds where the winner pays postage ($4)
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By Panman
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In the next month or so, I am going to have an abundance of various Sarracenia seeds, among others. For this reason I plan to do one or more giveaways. This is where you come in. I could do one massive giveaway and cover the cost of shipping, or several individual giveaways with the user paying shipping. Because the are sarr seeds (and probably some flytraps), I will be mailing them in a padded envelope to ensure that they arrive safely. That puts postage at $4. So, which format would you prefer to see?
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By tracieh
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I love the idea of a few small giveaways opposed to one large one. As much as I would want to win a ton of seeds I would rather share the love and give more people a chance to win. $4 is not a lot for great seeds.

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By NightRaider
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Adding to the above, I like the idea of a 'hybrid' giveaway: one giveaway but still drawing multiple winners where first drawn gets first dibs, second drawn gets to pick from remaining, etc. Might be a little more administrative overhead esp compared to single, but with benefits from both of the other ways (single - less messy since all contained in one thread, "winner" still rewarded for being first drawn) (multiple - multiple winners/nobody getting things they may not actually want). And if for some reason you ended up getting to a point nobody wanted to claim what was left, you could just draw a set number of winners total and give everything left over at the end to the #1 winner or reply with what's left and first reply gets the lot or w/e.
Just an idea at least, I don't usually participate in giveaways anyway but it's something I've been mulling over if/when I ever need to host one.
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