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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By thepitchergrower
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Ask Chef or one of the other moderators to fix it. They have the ability to rename threads, move posts, move the thread, etc.
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By TrapsAndDews
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Nightmare plants wrote:I created a new post and changed the title
You may have gotten confused when I said this: :?
TrapsAndDews wrote:This would also have been better put under "Sales, Trades & Wants USA". (assuming you're from the U.S.)
I meant to make the new post on the Sales, Trades & Wants USA forum.
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By Cross
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ChefDean wrote:Admin note: Topic merged with first thread of similar intent and moved to the appropriate forum.
You're the best. Now let's see if some people are selling neps

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By hollyhock
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I have several :D
4- Nepenthes spec. Sumatra {N. naga-bongso-carunculata complex, Sumatra} $10 each

Bcp Nepenthes (aristolochioides x spectabilis) X hamata $25

Nepenthes dubia x deaniana
Nepenthes kongkandana x mollis $35

Nepenthes ventricosa x undulatifolia $50
Nepenthes ventricosa x mapuluensis
Pictures available upon request :o

And the others I will quote you.
Payment with PayPal friends only
And shipping will be based on plants purchased. Usps priority flat rate for small is $10. And goes up from there. Some are larger plants :D

I may consider trades of Sarracenia on some of them , if you have bigger plants :shock:
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