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By Jbezzy28
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Hello all, and thank you all in advance for whatever help you may offer. I found a very similar post to this one, but it didn’t answer my question and the persons problem looked slightly different.
So I have a small pot with what turned out to be about 5 Cape Sundew, and 2 of them were already sending up flower stalks when I bought them. One of them has proceeded to grow and signs of flowers are beginning to show. However, the other one has remained the same since the day I bought it, seemed to be already turning black, and now the pods are fully black. What I wanted to know was if I can still harvest seeds from this or should I just cut it off and try to propagate the cutting.
Also, I assume I should wait for the other one to flower completely and harvest that before I repot?
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I have these guys under a LED in my room, they seem to be doing pretty good.
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By Rammplins
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Once the pods turn black/brown they should be done growing seed and it is safe to harvest them, although those with the already black seed pods look like they got aborted and will probably be bare, but it never hurts to check anyways. Feel free to cut that one and make some propagations.

For the one that currently has a new flower stalk, yes go ahead and let that one flower. Its 70% of the way there anyways, might as well let it finish flowering and get some seeds.
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