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By Carboniferous
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Hi, about 2 months ago, I cut off my Venus flytrap's flower stalk, but since then, it has had minimal new growths, and new growths are tiny, some without traps. About a month ago, it caught a large wasp that caused the trap to go mouldy, so I cut off the trap, but left the leaf, as that was fine. Most of the leaves are dying back, does it need to go into dormancy? I'd really appreciate any help. My other flytrap is growing happily, and I had to cut off its flower stalk too. It is on a South facing windowsill, and usually in a small ceramic pot that I top up with Deionised water when it is all soaked up.
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By tommyr
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It could be the start of dormancy but these really do not do well in windows. And they need air flow as well. Your mold is probably due to lack of air movement because it's indoors. Sulfur based fungicide is good for mold, DO NOT use copper based.
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