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By ManFromAnAntiqueLand
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I've always been into CPs, but I recently upped my game and am growing my Nepenthes collection. I live in a cold climate. I ordered a bunch of plants back in January 2021 and it didn't go too well with USPS shipping delays. They all froze somewhere along the line and some got lost. Lost a lot of plants in a shipment. So we agreed that he would hold a replacement order for me for a few months until weather and shipping conditions improved.

Fast-forward a few months and I gave Ryan the all-good for shipment. There were around 8 plants I think in total and they all arrived in excellent condition and he threw in a N. veitchii Pa'Umor x edwardsiana seedling -- a VERY nice replacement upgrade for a different plant of much lesser value. The few that he's sold recently have gone for $$$$. It's currently the most expensive plant in my collection :lol:

So just wanted to say that Florae is awesome and they have a loyal customer in me. They went above and beyond to satisfy me.

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