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By Apollyon
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It definitely has potential though I'd keep it out of water if you intend to keep it inside. Check out the flytrapstore info on growing the.. it has great advice to make the little guy grow into something impressive
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By MaxVft
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Nice plant!
It looks exactly like the 'Dente' cultivar, but that trait is quite common in VFTs so it's probably just a typical. As @Apollyon stated, the FTS/FTC grow guides are pretty helpful.
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By MikeB
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leegilee wrote: Sat Jul 31, 2021 6:55 pm Thank you I bought from this guy that made a big thing about never letting the basin dry out, will it rot the roots?
Flytraps like to be damp but not soggy-wet. I don't recommend letting the water level in the tray get higher than about 15% of the pot (no more than 0.5 inch / 1 centimeter with a pot as tall as yours). To put it in human terms: flytraps don't want to wade in up to their waists; they just want to get their feet wet.

With too much water, the problem is rhizome rot instead of root rot. The plant will suddenly stop producing new leaves, then the existing leaves die. Water the plant, let the saucer go dry, then water it again.

If it's reasonably warm where you are (above 75 F / 24 C) and you have a sunny location in the yard, then your plant would be happier outside where it can catch some food. The Venus flytrap is native to the area around Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. Summers there are hot (85-95 F / 29-35 C) and humid; winters are cool (35-55 F / 2-13 C). These are the conditions that you want to duplicate in cultivation.
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