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Photos of carnivorous plants other than the Venus Flytrap

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By albertoburrito
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How do I help them? I assume I just feed more?
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By MaxVft
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Yep, feed them a bit more.
Capes(which I assume these are) are self pollinators, and the flowers will close a couple hours after they open, so you can just leave them be and they'll produce seed. The way you know when to harvest them is:

When the last flower on the stalk closes, the first flower pod/flower should be ready. A good reference is when about 50% of the pod turns black/brown it should be ready to harvest. Harvesting is easy. All you gotta do is pluck the pod off, put a piece of paper under it, and squeeze the back of it. If self-pollination was successful(which it is most of the time), a bajillion-and-something seeds should pop out onto the piece of paper. The sooner you plant them the better. IF you plant them the same day, you should get good germination in under a week.
Thanks and happy growing
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