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By DragonsEye
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Someone I did a plant trade with online sent a surprise of sarr seeds. I'm positive the seeds have not been stratified -- they are far too clean and dry for that. So, should I try to 1) sow them anyway and see if they germinate, 2) stratify them for 6 weeks and try to start them in July (keeping in mind I live in the Great White North where our growing season is pretty much done by the end of August/beginning of September), or 3) store them in the fridge and begin the stratification process this next fall/winter. In case it matters, they are of an open pollinated cross with the pod parent being minor Okee Giant Yellow River.
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By murrkywaters
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Seedling - 2 year old sarrs can thrive in a terrarium according to the ICPS website. I know I'm too impatient personally to wait to plant them hahaha.

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By ChefDean
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Toss them in your fridge for now, but set a notification in the calendar in your phone for, say, January 1st. Then sow them and put 'em outside to let Mother Nature do her thing.
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By Panman
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If you had lights to put them under then you could stratify and sow them then bring them in for the winter. I started mine during the winter and moved them out this spring. I will probably bring half of them in next winter as an experiment.

If inside isn't an option then they will be fine in the fridge until fall and then into a pot and outside for the winter.
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