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By Schwartzenator
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Joined:  Sun May 16, 2021 7:40 pm
So I recently got a cobra lily from a green house in New York. I put it in my bog garden which only gets rain water and has untreated peat moss with a layer of dead then live sphagnum. It has recently had the "fangs" of the plant turn brown and all of the smaller pitchers have turned brown. All of my pitchers are sending up flowers or new pitchers. Could this just be due to transplant shock and should be fine? Or is the hibernation cycle just out of sync with my climate? I live in central ohio between zone 5 and 6, it is currently spring so it has been 60°F during the day and low 40s °F during the night.
By Schwartzenator
Posts:  6
Joined:  Sun May 16, 2021 7:40 pm
Here are some pictures. There are no new pitchers coming up that I can see.
16212101442997644371083189675801.jpg (7.47 MiB) Viewed 809 times
By Schwartzenator
Posts:  6
Joined:  Sun May 16, 2021 7:40 pm
The rest of the pictures apperently didn't load. Here are the rest
16212115058376760771865127382477.jpg (3.71 MiB) Viewed 802 times
16212114048992998866507518220698.jpg (6.64 MiB) Viewed 802 times
16212113411083115431737671881517.jpg (4.21 MiB) Viewed 802 times
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