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By pandaking666
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The are that i have available to me is under a tree it gets light for a couple of hours but then gets some partial shade /light until the evening when it gets dark. the tree is on the west part of my yard in the houston area. should move my plants or trim the tree to give my plants more direct sunlight?
plants being grown like this are typical vfts, seracinias, and a nepenthes
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By ChefDean
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For the Houston area, I'd leave them under the tree so that they get shade/dappled light for the afternoon and evening. Houston heat can be brutal but, if they are in the shade for the hottest part of the day, they should ride it out OK.
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By That one plant boi
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Flytraps and sarracenia can generally handle the heat pretty well, but can look pretty ratty in turn. I grow mine in direct sun for most of the day in the central Florida sun, and they seem to do okay.

Nepenthes won't appreciate that though and will definitely enjoy growing under a shade tree. That's where I grow mine and they do just fine.

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