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Hello all,

It's been around a year since I've started growing venus flytraps in earnest. It started last March with an Alien, and 25 venus fly trap babies were the ignition to my VFT frenzy. I found I do not really care for mutants, but Alien's size is quite impressive. Big traps, neat growth, and vibrant color are what I like the most. With that being said, the internet is a wealth of knowledge, and this forum is no exception; it contains some great informative threads for VFTs.

I look forward to what my plants will do this spring. For over half of my collection, it will be their first growing season under my care, and it will be interesting to watch how big some of them get. I hope that the disappointing cultivars of Yester summer live up to their names this year.

Here's a little cup I made this fall when repotting. I got the moss off eBay from an Alaskan fellow.
My little cup o' death
My little cup o' death
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By sanguinearocks101
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Welcome to the forums, if your tastes for vfts and carnivorous plants are similar then you will probably enjoy Sarracenia, they have large traps and can have some great colors.
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Yeah I plan to start my Sarracenia venture maybe this year. They were the plants that gave me the courage to try again with Venus fly traps. I only have two kinds though, one I got a few years ago and another that simply refused to die from my early teens.
Sarracenia flava atropurpurea< SarraceniaNW 2019
Sarracenia leucophylla< Al's Garden Center I don't remember when, but there are so many divisions sitting around waiting for the grass to be weeded out and dead pitchers trimmed :?
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