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By Vrcp85
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Joined:  Thu Nov 14, 2019 9:17 pm
Hi ive had a collection for about 2 years. American pitcher plants, nephentes,australian pitcher..(sadly now deceased)-3 different venus flytraps, a bunch of different sundews, dewy pine, . My last shipment was summer and idk if it's from that or what but im losing my mind trying to indetify and figure out what's wrong with my plants. First it was.aphids out of the blue on my.capenesis...i treated it and my rosette sundew. The rosette is growing back and i look in the soil today and theres tons of shiny little bugs everywhere. I don't think there affecting the plant because it looks fine.
Then after feeding my flytraps last month they started looking like crap..saw signs something was nibbling but no bugs. Treatred and repotted. 9ne of my sundews half started looking dead for no reason. Im at a loss.
On a brighter note..I experimented a bit and now.have a ton 9f different baby forked sundews, capenesis, rosette, and will know more soon. Anyone have any help plz send my way. Thanks

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