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By ChefDean
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Now, for what everyone has been waiting for.
We haven't heard much from mo_carnivore for a while, then he comes blasting out of left field with a really cool donation. He has donated...
D. esmeraldae (Cerro Duida), 1 packet,
D. esmeraldae (Cerro do Araca), 1 packet,
D. grantsaui (Serra de Canastra), 2 packets,
D. madagascariensis, 3 packets,
D. roraimae (Cerro Adaua), 2 packets, and
D. viridis (Serra de Ponta Grossa), 2 packets.
These are are pretty cool dews, and I know you're as excited as I am. However, please bear in mind that all these require higher humidity for ultimate plant happiness according to the research I have done. Please consider if you can provide good conditions for these before you request.
The Madagascareinsis is in class 2, the rest are in class 3. They are immediately available to donors for the next 48 hours, and available to all eligible members after that.
Thank you, mo_carnivore, for sharing these uncommon sundews with us.
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