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By P A U L
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So it seems all the pests that I have, others have also, and it's not just different kinds of pests depending on each of our local environments. But they seem to all be a common pest.

red mites, mealy bugs, springtails, fungus gnats

My garden has fungus gnat larva, dust mites, recently noticed the red (spider?) mites, and mealy bugs. I have no idea wher the mealybugs came from. They could have originated from

1. home depot plants -- i don't recall these having any visible pests.
2. the wally i bought here. i don't recall seeing pests on this either.
3. the giant box of dry substrate that i bought here. such a large box there's no way i'd be able to tell what's inside.

so... i live in the 10th floor of my apartment in the middle of a city. and every so often, i have honey bees and ladybugs come in here. i've been baffled for a long time why they do that.... i'm not sure how the lady bugs are so sensitive to the presence of mealybugs in my apartment but it occurred to me that is why the ladybugs come. honeybees i'm not so sure because i have nothing really colorful or floral scented for them to be attracted........................10 floors up.

ugh.... i really started getting into CPs because of a fungus gnat in my apartment that i see once a week. and then i inadvertently created a garden ecosystem for the buggers to thrive. ergh
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