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By PlanT640847401
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I bought 3 sarracenia root bulbs from CC and they gave me an additional seedling size plant with half of 1 leaf about a cm tall. Long story short the 3 adults dies but the seedling gree over these last 2 years. I know it's a purp but is doesnt look pure purp. Any idea what it is?
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By murrkywaters
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May be one of the complex bug hybrids. I don't think it's love bug because the hood isn't wavy, but that's the only one I hav2 a physical specimen to reference. The hood kinda looks like the flatwoods monster drawing.

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By Matt
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PlanT640847401 wrote:I know it's a purp but is doesnt look pure purp. Any idea what it is?
Looks like a S. flava x purp but could be more complex than that.
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