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By Shadowtski
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sanguinearocks101 wrote: Wed Jul 08, 2020 11:15 pm What media do you grow it in? I want to get one but I’m a bit scared of it getting crown rot.
There's peat, sand, perlite, and God-only-knows what else in there.
There's more non-organic stuff than peat moss, maybe 25 - 33% peat.
I just sit in in a very shallow water tray, almost never more than 1/4 inch water in it.
I've had this plant for a couple years.
So it's pretty much OK with how I am growing it.
By twitcher
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Ha! Thanks for sharing MIke. I can just hear the myriad tiny screams as your plant strives for a local genocide. One of my pings actually caught a housefly yesterday that had been eluding my efforts to catch for more than a day. Its the small things in life...
By crazy_carnivores
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nice! mine is not doing too well. I keep it in bright light with full water all the time

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