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By uxleumas
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I got a tissue culture of nepenthes not to long ago(a few months), and aparently there were air holes that ventilated it (i don't know what they did to prevent it from molding ) and the medium dried out due to be putting it in heat, consequently making water evaporate and leak out of the hole. another piece of background info is that the nepenthes never grew any roots, should i put some rooting horomone or something? i decided to move the plant out today, and once i opened it, i realized that i only had this: ... 182&sr=8-4
it's a dyed moss that claims to be "spagnum moss" but upon recieving some certified, real, spagnum moss(dead) i began to doubt that it was spagnum moss and posibly fake moss, the strands are much less dense and more stringy. would this work for repoting my small nepenthes? i also found a tiny nepenthes growing from one of the nodes above the leaf near the botton, is this a basil shoot? what should i do with this? here's a picture, don't know if you can see the small plant
edit: it's currently sitting in distilled water, don't know if it will last very ling
Photo on 7-6-20 at 4.15 PM.jpg
Photo on 7-6-20 at 4.15 PM.jpg (106.04 KiB) Viewed 723 times
Photo on 7-6-20 at 4.15 PM #2.jpg
Photo on 7-6-20 at 4.15 PM #2.jpg (109.28 KiB) Viewed 723 times
Photo on 7-6-20 at 4.15 PM #3.jpg
Photo on 7-6-20 at 4.15 PM #3.jpg (129.83 KiB) Viewed 723 times
By Huntsmanshorn
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Go ahead and use some rooting hormone if you want, even if it doesn't do much, it can't hurt anything and some people swear by it. As to the moss, I wouldn't use it i f I were you, it might be okay but it looks fishy to me and so I would seek another option. As to the basil shoot... I would probably leave it alone and hope for some decent root growth on the main plant, and then at some later date when it was considerably larger, remove it and pot it up on its own. Honestly though, removing it now it might be a better, and healthier, option.
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By evenwind
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Not sure what that green moss actually is but sphagnum comes in all qualities from excellent to dreadful. New Zealand sphagnum is usually considered the best, with Chilean coming in a close second. I'd easily recommend your getting some Spagmoss (from New Zealand) but it is in short supply due to covid. ZooMed also lists New Zealand sphagnum, so you might be able to get some at a pet store. On the other hand, SuperMoss (which is probably Chilean - they won't say), is relatively inexpensive and postage free on their website. You'd be looking for SuperMoss Sphagnum if you go that route. ... gnum-moss/
By TrooperKris2
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When it comes to long fibered sphagnum moss, I swear by this stuff. It’s a little more expensive than other sphagnum mosses, but this stuff is high quality. I’ve been using this with my plants since the beginning.
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