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By wickedclown86
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Joined:  Mon Apr 06, 2020 7:31 pm
I'm a totally amatuer VFT grower.
Always been fascinated by them as a kid [I'm 34 now by the way] but just got my 1st one last summer. Did A LOT of research on them and cared good for them all the way up until it went dormant in late October ish [can't remember for sure] but since about October/November my 2 plants have been sitting in a cupboard cut off from sunlight, food, stimulation, and water [my bad on that last part I'm beginning to think]. So I just took them outta their winter hibernation cupboard and took them outside and began watering them today. But this is the 1st time they've had ANY attention in about 5 months. Above the "soil" all I can see are the black dead stems and traps from when it went into hibernation. The medium they are in, which is the correct kind, was BONE DRY b4 I started watering them today.

Did I kill my vft by not watering it AT ALL since about 5 months ago?

Or should I just clip away all the dead sprouts and wait for the new buds to come back up. Or won't they come back? I think that's about all the information I needed to provide.

Really hoping I didn't kill my VFTs cuz I think the store I got them from is prolly closed now cuz of this pandemic going on these days.

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By Coco
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Hi wickedclown86,

Imo, flytraps are one of the coolest cp's out there! When it comes to dormancy for flytraps (usually from Halloween to Valentine's Day), you want to keep the media damp but not soaking wet as to avoid root rot due to less sunlight and cooler temperatures. Having the media to be completely dry for even a day can kill most if not all cp's.

However, there can still be hope depending on the rhizome. When you observed the rhizome, was it still white and firm? If it's black and mush it's most likely dead.
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By sanguinearocks101
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Joined:  Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:56 am
I'd say they are dead. Check the rhizome if it is white and firm, if yes then they have a chance, if not then they have died. You can buy flytraps from the FlytrapStore
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