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By ManFromAnAntiqueLand
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Colorado weather can be challenging! I used to live in Central Florida and dormancy was a breeze. Anyway...

I had accidently left them outside for a few overnight freezes early in dormancy and each time the growth would take a hit. They've been in the garage without any light for about a month now (got tired of the daily carry in and out for all my plants). We're on the coldest part of winter, outside temps are regularly in the teens. Garage temps are usually 40-45F most days.

I've checked their roots and growth points and that all looks good. I keep them moist, not wet. But boy are they not looking good. Was wondering what kind of outcomes I should expect in spring.

I've been debating weather or not to transition them to windowsill growing to help get them some light and warmer temps, but that might be jumping the gun. If not, I'm probably going to hold off until April to bring them outside full time. It will probably freeze every night until then.
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By DesertPat
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Pardon the poor phone pic, but ugly is the definition of dormancy. Mine took a 10 degree night a few weeks ago, I've had that happen before and they always bounce back really well with the new growing season.

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