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By Hungryplantlover
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Hey there,

I've had CPs for years without any pest problems. I've fought spider mites, fungus gnats and mealy bugs elsewhere in the house, but have kept them all away from the CPs.

Tonight I came home and was checking the plants when I found this on one of my VFTs! I re-potted this one last week, and now it is infested with these little white guys. Are these aphids?

I've treated it with neem oil, and moved it to isolation, but now I'm very worried about the rest of the CP's. I have drosera and nepenthes and a bunch more VFTs. Ahhhhhh!

Will Neem oil work? I think I will proactively spray everyone, and I'm fairly sure we can't buy acephate in Canada. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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By penatrap
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Not really experienced in identifying pests but if they are aphids dunk the whole plant into cp-safe water for a day or two - that should get rid of them. I've heard that aphids can cause distorted traps and that seems to be the case here. Try the water method.
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By m80torpedo3
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looks like whiteflies. neem oil will work but you need to treat it 2 or 3 times in a row so when the new ones hatch you get them before they lay eggs. spray the whole plant specially the undersides of the leaves. try to do it on a cool day or you risk burning the plants.
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