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By nate7891
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I recently had to create a sealed microcosm for my Ecology class. I collected soil and some water in a jar from a local lake, but to make things interesting I transplanted some Utric Subulata to make things interesting. It has been 6 weeks and now they are just starting to appear with possible growth alongside some native grass that is popping up. This has me interested in trying some other carnivores but obviously not every species would handle the environment.

Have any of you ever tried to grow CP's in a sealed container that you do not open?
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By xr280xr
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I have grown sarracenia, cephalotus, and drosera capillaris & capensis in closed containers. They are not sealed air tight, but when growing in sphagnum moss they handle the humidity and small root space pretty well. VFTs tend to eventually die away. With an air-tight container I'd imagine it would require calculated management of your atmospheres oxygen vs. CO2. It would be really cool if you could find the balance!
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