Tip of the day- keep tall pots from falling over

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Re: Tip of the day- keep tall pots from falling over

by Darkrai283 » Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:58 pm

PhAlLeN wrote:Did your VFT's survive their fall? Cos i just knocked over my 2 new ones!!:-/ the one pot did not lose any soil but quite a bit fell out of my other one which i repacked! They seem ok, however the minute they hit the ground their traps shut, cos bits of soil entered traps thus triggering them. Some traps have'nt shut properly cos soil wedged in teeth. I'm just annoyed cos this is the fourth time their traps have shut unnecessarily since i purchased them 6 days ago and its wasting plant energy. Do you think mine will be ok? Will the soil inside traps cause them damage? Any suggestions? Anyway thanks for tip on planters-i think i'll try that. Cheers

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