Ti§h's seeds for sale 2015 Batch (World wide)

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Ti§h's seeds for sale 2015 Batch (World wide)

by tish » Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:26 pm

I have some extra seeds for sale, these are all harvest in 2015.

  1. Drosera Venusta US$2.20 /30 seeds
  2. Drosera Capillaris US$2.00 / 30 seeds
  3. Drosera Burmannii Humpty Doo US$2.80 / 30 seeds
  4. Drosera Burmannii US$2.20 / 30 seeds
  5. Drosera Sessilifolia x Burmannii US$3.50 / 30 seeds
  6. Drosera Intermedia EM Pond US$2.20 / 30 seeds
  7. Drosera Intermedia Big Audrey US$2.20 / 30 seeds
  8. Drosera Natalensis US$2.20 / 30 seeds
  9. Drosera Sessifolia US$2.20 / 30 seeds
  10. Drosera Tokaiensis US$2.00 / 30 seeds
  11. Byblis Liniflora US$3.00 / 30 seeds

Minimum order: Any 2 set of seeds.
Payment via Paypal only and add 8% for paypal tax

***Worldwide shipping handling US$1.30 non registered or total US$3.50 for registered.

***Please check your import restriction before purchasing, I hold no responsibility for package lost or confiscated.

Kindly please drop me an email for any sales inquiries, no PM, sorry for the trouble.

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