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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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By CPcaregiver
My Sphagnum substitute is,(believe it or not),Star moss :o !Now,before you rush ahead and say Star moss will take over my pot or something,read on.For several weeks now I have kept my little surviving VFT(It really needed new soil!)into star moss instead of Sphagnum `cuz I ran out,and to my disbelief,it works beautifully!Star and Carpet moss both surround my house and I have been itching to try it out.What I did was gather several buckets full and washed every bit of sand and muck out of it with rain water.To prevent media from living I chopped it up real fine.It gives off an odd,somewhat minty scent when watered.I can't say my flytrap is growing any better because of it.But it's growing great whether it's sphag or sand,and that's all that matters right? :D :D
Pics or it didn't happen! :D

How long has your VFT been growing in the star moss and what soil mix is it in?

A little over 3 weeks. :)
Pics?You got it. 8-)
Sorry about the quality,but this the best shot I've taken so far.
Sorry about the quality,but this the best shot I've taken so far.
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