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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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By MikeB
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Joined:  Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:13 pm
Clayton, North Carolina, USA (20 miles southeast of Raleigh)

Tap water: 150 PPM (pulled from the Neuse River, has a lower PPM after a heavy rain)

Rainwater collected from an asphalt-shingled roof: 8 PPM

The roof is my main source of water. I have two 80-gallon rain barrels plus 60 one-gallon jugs.
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By ChefDean
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I just got my TDS meter and had to try a bunch of different waters. Here we go.

Location: Clarksville Tennessee
Tap, right after opening the faucet: 112 PPM. Not optimal, but I could use it in an emergency.
Tap, hot, after allowed to run to bring hot water to the faucet: 150 PPM. Not going to use that.
Tap, cold, allowed to run to flush the pipes: 101 PPM. I can use that if necessary.
Filtered from the fridge: 96 PPM. Better, TDS going down.
Tap, run through a Brita filter pitcher: 46 PPM. Now we're getting somewhere.
However, filtered fridge run through the Brita filter: 76 PPM. Interesting.
Rain water, collected in a bowl, 10 feet away from the house: 7 PPM. Yup, still going to use that.
Lastly, distilled: 0 PPM. Of course it is.
The initial Brita water had been sitting in the fridge a couple of days, maybe the temperature, 37°F, or time being allowed to "settle" had an effect.
I'm going to have to try some other combinations of water to see if I can reliably bring it down to make sure it's safe to use.
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By hungry carnivores
Bay Area, CA.

Tap - Prefiltered 22ppm, With carbon filter 12ppm.
Fridge - ~5ppm (This goes through carbon filter)
Brita - 3-4 ppm

In the winter, these numbers jump to 50 or so which is still doable but it rains enough to collect rain during this period.
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By Panman
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South Atlanta, GA

Tap - 72ppm from a well
Dehumidifier - 0ppm

I have been using tap water at 72ppm for all of my plants for years without problem. That being said, They are all outdoors and are regularly flushed with rainwater so that may be to my advantage. I've recently started using water from the dehumidifier and it has been working well.
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