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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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By MikeB
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Clayton, North Carolina, USA (20 miles southeast of Raleigh)

Tap water: 150 PPM (pulled from the Neuse River, has a lower PPM after a heavy rain)

Rainwater collected from an asphalt-shingled roof: 8 PPM

The roof is my main source of water. I have two 80-gallon rain barrels plus 60 one-gallon jugs.
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By ChefDean
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I just got my TDS meter and had to try a bunch of different waters. Here we go.

Location: Clarksville Tennessee
Tap, right after opening the faucet: 112 PPM. Not optimal, but I could use it in an emergency.
Tap, hot, after allowed to run to bring hot water to the faucet: 150 PPM. Not going to use that.
Tap, cold, allowed to run to flush the pipes: 101 PPM. I can use that if necessary.
Filtered from the fridge: 96 PPM. Better, TDS going down.
Tap, run through a Brita filter pitcher: 46 PPM. Now we're getting somewhere.
However, filtered fridge run through the Brita filter: 76 PPM. Interesting.
Rain water, collected in a bowl, 10 feet away from the house: 7 PPM. Yup, still going to use that.
Lastly, distilled: 0 PPM. Of course it is.
The initial Brita water had been sitting in the fridge a couple of days, maybe the temperature, 37°F, or time being allowed to "settle" had an effect.
I'm going to have to try some other combinations of water to see if I can reliably bring it down to make sure it's safe to use.
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