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Sundew falling over

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 3:22 am
by Saltmarsh
Hello all,

I have a three year old D. capensis that's been falling over for awhile now. I understand that this is natural, and to give it more room I have recently repotted it. It's been doing great, and it's formed what I assume is an adventitious root near the top of the stalk.

My problem is that it now seems the plant cannot fall any further because the top is resting directly on the rim of the new pot, with the leaves sort of propping it up. The stalk is very flimsy, and I'm worried that this might not be good for the plant.

Should I adjust the plant within the pot so that it can fall over into the center, or is it possible that I could cut it from the stalk and stick it back into the pot? Or is it best to just let it sort itself out on its own?

Sorry if this is a silly question, this is my first sundew. If anyone needs pictures, I am happy to supply them.

Re: Sundew falling over

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:58 am
by Shadowtski
I'd suggest repotting it.

When my D. capensis looks too much like a palm tree, I get a larger deeper pot and bury the plant. Trim off all the dead and older leaves. Only 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch is above the soil surface.

Stronger light will contribute to a sturdier stem next time, if you can afford it.

Just my two cents worth.


Re: Sundew falling over

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:31 am
by Saltmarsh
Thank you, Mike

It hadn't occurred to me to simply bury it deeper when repotting. I'll see what can be done about the light also.