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By ZackNJ
Is it normal for some of the heliamphora pitchers to die after planting them? My helis arrived in great condition from overseas but now some of the pitchers are turning yellow/brown and some are shriveling up. I have them in a terrarium.
By ToadlyCool
Yeah i think its pretty normal, just due to stress from shipping, but its still quite depressing :\ With mine the pitchers that were slightly discoloured or had speckles died off in the first 2 weeks or so (its kind of a long death process). Also i found that little sections die but the rest survives, so yeah, expect a few casualties...Heres a series of pictures i took over about a month from when i got them. They arent as nicely coloured now (in my opinion) but there is new growth and they are a pretty bright green colour with bits of red which is good. I plan on giving better lighting some day to restore this colour :) I did manage to get 2 plants out of 1 though as a bit snapped off when i first got them :D

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